1993 (?)
Vinil LPx2

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VINIL(2) - SLEEVE (EX / EX). Edição original sul-africana da MFP Records / Music For Pleasure / Interpah. Registo raro, usado e em excelente estado. Capa de abrir, “gatefold cover”, com ilustração.


A01. Let’s Go Guitar
A02. Apache
A03. Dance On
A04. House Of Rising Sun
A05. Walk Don’t Run
A06. Let’s Go
A07. Foot Tapper
A08. The Creeper
A09. Let’s Go Guitar
A10. Let’s Go Guitar
A11. Tell Star
A12. The Young Ones
A13. Perfedia
A14. Let’s Go
A15. Congratulations
A16. Pipe Line
A17. Let’s Go
A18. Round And Round
A19. Shiding
A20. Shazam
A21. Atlantis
A22. As Tears Go By
A23. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
A24. And I Love Her
A25. Midnight
A26. Apache
A27. Let’s Go Guitar
B01. The Boys
B02. Brazil
B03. FBI
B04. Hide You Love Away
B05. Walkin
B06. Let’s Go Guitar
B07. Paint It Black
B08. San Francisco
B09. Pretty Flamingo
B10. California Dreamin
B11. Monday Monday
B12. I’m A Believer
B13. Let’s Go Guitar
B14. Hanky Panky
B15. Wild Thing
B16. Deep Purple
B17. Cotton Pickin
B18. Dizzy Lizzy
B19. Semi Detached
B20. Let’s Go Guitar

C01. Hooked On Guitar
C02. Twistin’ The Night Away
C03. Here Is My Love
C04. Hooked On Guitar
C05. Gimme Gimme Gimme
C06. Ballad Of John And Yoko
C07. Hooked On Guitar
C08. Penny Lane
C09. Ride Like The Wind
C10. Hooked On Guitar
C11. New York By Night
C12. Love Me Do
C13. Born To Be Alive
C14. Diana
C15. Funny Funny
C16. Yellow Submarine
C17. Hooked On Guitar
C18. Steal Away
C19. Dizzy
C20. La Dee Doo Rown Down
C21. Space Music
D01. Hooked On Guitar
D02. Stagger Lee
D03. I Will Survive
D04. I Should Have Known Better
D05. Twilight Cafe
D06. Come Go With Me
D07. Hooked On Guitar
D08. I’m Alive
D09. Sound Of The City
D10. Personality
D11. Bend Me Shape Me
D12. Hooked On Guitar
D13. Proudy Mary
D14. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
D15. Run Around Sue
D16. Hooked On Guitar
D17. Puppet On A String
D18. Oh Carol
D19. Hooked On Guitar